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User Manual


OnSong is designed to be the go-to app for musicians. Whether you're practicing, teaching, or performing live, OnSong has the tools and features to let you be free to play music.

The following is a dissection of OnSong as a series of features. Choose one to get an overview of the feature as well as links into the interface of the app that makes the feature work.


Perform hands-free and integrate with your entire rig by associating actions to triggers like foot pedals, screen taps, and MIDI triggers.

Add To OnSong

Add content to your OnSong library from nearly any app.


Use AirDrop to import and export songs and sets between iOS devices and newer Mac computers running OS X Yosemite or higher.


Use sticky notes for quick reminders, or attach the melody to your chart. You can even type what you need where you need it.


Attach multiple files to one song and easily switch between versions.


Scroll from the top of the chord chart to the bottom like a teleprompter.

Audio Triggers

Perform actions by having OnSong listen for audio tap events.

Backing Tracks

Play backing tracks through your device while you play along with chord charts.


Save your entire OnSong library to a single file for easy restoration.


Organize your songs into books to manage large music libraries.


Whether you're performing an online concert or teaching music lessons with a webinar, OnSong gives you the ability to share your screen with popular apps.


Bumpers lets you know what the next foot pedal press does so accidents don't happen.


Slap a capo on your guitar and let OnSong adjust what you need to play to stay in key.


Chords are detected in text-based documents letting you highlight, transpose, and even play them on a virtual instrument.


Use an inexpensive dongle from Google to project lyrics without wires.


Import and place images on your charts to convey scores and more.


OnSong lets you use color to suit your music and mood through an intuitive color picker.


Wirelessly control your band's OnSong devices with music to meet their needs.


Manage the library on your device from a web browser for fast edits.


Create your website or app to integrate with OnSong through our URL scheme and OnSong Connect API.

Document Scanner

This OnSong Premium feature uses your camera to scan paper charts into your library on iOS/iPadOS 13 and higher.

Drag and Drop

Using OnSong on an iPad running iOS 11 or higher lets you use drag and drop to import files into OnSong, export content and manage your library.


Draw on the chord chart with pens and highlighters.


Import, export, and sync with Dropbox to get content on and off your device.


While you can beam your sets to nearby band members, OnSong also has advanced email integration that lets you manage group contacts with full HTML email formatting.

External Video

Expand the OnSong experience beyond one device with lyrics projection and stage monitor mode.

Extract Text

Import your files and view "as-is" and then convert your files to text-based charts for more powerful features.

Fast Track

OnSong Premium members can get priority turnaround time on your support requests made within the app.

File Formats

OnSong supports a number of text-based file formats, as well as the ability to view other types of files.


Import and export to any storage app on your device that supports the Files app or storage providers in iOS.


Flic is a Bluetooth smart button that you can place anywhere. Perform up to three actions when you single click, double click, or long-press.


Write each section of your song once and let OnSong expand the content from top to bottom.

Foot Pedals

Your hands are busy on stage, so use your feet to control your music and perform other actions in the app.


Extend your control when using foot pedals to shift into different gears.

Google Drive

Import and export songs to Google Drive directly from within OnSong.

Hands-Free Operation

Your hands are busy when playing an instrument. OnSong can use foot pedals and more.

Hot Corners

Assign actions to the corners of your screen for more control of OnSong.


OnSong allows you to organize your library in various ways, but you can also create multiple libraries that let you keep things completely separate.

Live Video

Use the cameras on your device to engage your audience whether online or live.

Low Light Mode

Increase readability and reduce light wash when in dimly lit environments.

Lyrics Projection

Project lyrics to a crowd, individuals, or to a congregation.


You can now install OnSong from the Mac App Store for a familiar experience tailored to the desktop.


Send color-coded, custom messages to your team for hassle-free signaling.


Play to a click track for practice or to start the song off right on stage.

MIDI Integration

Send MIDI to control the sound of instruments, or listen for song changes and more.


Moments turn your setlist into a complete run sheet with scheduled times.


OnSong has powerful multitasking features that allow you to run OnSong on split-screen on supported devices, or keep OnSong running in the background.


Import, mix, and play backing tracks comprised of multiple channels while you play to a click and automatically navigate sections.

OnSong® Cloud

Stay connected to your team through OnSong® Cloud services powered by your OnSong® subscription.


Browse through your song library and use the organizer to instantly add what you're playing to sets or books, or use colorful icons to help you get and stay organized.

Output Options

OnSong features a number of ways to output your information to get the job done. Export, print, and open content into other apps.

Performance Pack

It's the little things that help you perform your best. Check out some of the features that help you engage your audience.

Pitch Pipe

Play back tones to get Acappella or vocal intros started without music.

Planning Center Integration

Download your songs or plans from Planning Center into OnSong for use on-stage.


Access the premier catalog of chord charts, sheet music, and other resources for house of worship.


Output your songs or sets to paper or PDF. Includes song lists and multipage printing.

Quick Pick

Quickly find, preview, and add songs to your set in just a tap or two.


Create dynamic stage lighting with coordinated lyrics projection backgrounds and control it all on stage.


Create sets for playing at a venue or event. Flip through your songs with ease.

Song Reporting

Keep track of what songs you've played, printed, or projected.


Access PDF chord charts or text-based lyrics from this common service.

Spotify Integration

Link songs from your Spotify library to chord charts for practice and backing tracks.

Stage Monitor

Connect one or more video screens and run your stage with one OnSong device.

Storage Management

Importing videos, images, and audio backing tracks for full performance management can take up storage space.


OnSong is serious about supporting you and your performance.


Create topics to find songs that match based on lyrics and keywords too.


OnSong now features non-linear autoscrolling by recording navigation events onto a timeline for playback.

Tint Colors

Tint the colors of your charts for easier reading or for those with visual stress disorders.


Change the key of the song instantly without bringing up bad memories of music theory class.

Quickly find songs, sets, settings and more by tapping and typing.

Universal App

OnSong is a universal app so it works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Install on your iPad and iPhone. Learn some differences in the user interface when using OnSong on a more mobile device.

Unlimited Imports

With a paid subscription, you can import all of your music and manage a huge repertoire of the music you play.

Vertical Menubar

Completely change how you interact with OnSong by placing menus in a split-screen view.


Scroll and zoom into specific parts of your song and switch between them.

Vocal Cues

If you use in-ear monitors, you can issue verbal commands from OnSong while you sing.


Place widgets on your screen to visualize and interact with your music in new ways.


Get worship songs hand-crafted for use in OnSong with subscription tiers.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on June 12, 2024