User Manual


What are Messages?

Communication with your band when playing live can be challenging. Hand signals and vocal cues can be used, but what if you could use colors and text to inform your band where the music is headed next?


You can create and manage personalized messages using the Messages Menu. You can also trigger messages from this menu, although when playing live, it's more useful to trigger these from a Hot Corner or from Foot Pedals.

Viewing Messages

Messages can be viewed on your device's screen, devices connected with OnSong Connect, or with any external video screens running as Stage Monitors. Messages will appear for about one-third of a second per word. This ensures that the reader has enough time to read longer messages. You can configure messages to appear longer in Settings » Display Settings » Song Viewer » Flash Message.

Sending Messages

You can send messages by triggering a Send Message action in the Action Menu inside of OnSong. You can set actions for Hot Corners or Navigation Zones in Editors » Navigation » Screen Tab.

You can also set actions for foot pedals in the Foot Pedals Setup screen. From here, you can setup your pedal to trigger the Send Message action in the Action Menu.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on October 17, 2017