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User Manual

Stage Monitor

Get rid of paper and make sure everyone is on the same page by using stage monitor mode. Stage monitors use standard HDTV on stands or wedges, turning them into virtual music stands. With one iPad or iPhone, you can control an entire band.


You can use either a wired adapter to connect to your screens or use an AppleTV to send video wirelessly using AirPlay. From there, you can use standard video splitters to have more than one screen if necessary.

Note: OnSong recommends using wired adapters to avoid issues with wireless radio interference in production environments. If you are planning to use multiple video screens, be sure to invest in quality HDMI components and powered splitters.


Here is a list of supplies that we used in the making of the tutorial video. The cost per station is about $250-$300 depending on screen size and cabling. In addition, each monitor can be used by more than one musician.

Confidence Projector

If your facility has a back-of-house projector, you can also project chord charts in a way that makes them easy to see from the stage. Since most projectors are locked in the landscape orientation and further away, you may want to show one song at a time to make the size larger. You can do this in Settings » Live Settings » External Video » Stage Monitor.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on October 17, 2017