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Use the imported file instead of OnSong

When you import an external file such as a PDF or Microsoft Word document, the file is attached to the song and is viewed by default. One of the features of OnSong is that it can convert your imported files into text. This results in two versions of the song content. This switch can be used to toggle between the externally linked file and then text-based chord chart.

Let's follow some possible scenarios on why or how this switch can be used:

Converting to Text-Based Chord Charts

Typically the conversion process in OnSong will extract the text of the external file. This means that you will need to make changes to the resulting content to work in OnSong. Because of this, you may want to switch back to the originally imported file to give yourself time to make adjustments. Let's take a look at the possible scenario:

  1. You import a PDF file to use it in your set, but you want to be able to transpose and format the song.
  2. To convert to text, you open the song editor and tap on the convert file button. Then you click done.
  3. When viewing the song, you find that chords are not aligned properly but you don't have time to fix it now.
  4. You open the song editor again and then turn this option on and tap Done.
  5. Now you can view the originally imported file, but continue to make adjustments in the song editor between sets.

Lead Sheets and Chord Charts

Another way to use this feature is to import a lead sheet as a PDF that includes musical score. While this can be viewed inside of OnSong, many of the features of OnSong regarding chord charts is lost. You can copy and paste the chord chart into the song editor to have both a chord chart and lead sheet version of the song. This scenario could look like this:

  1. You import a lead sheet as a PDF file to be used by a pianist.
  2. Next, you tap into the song editor and write a text-based chord chart in the text editor.
  3. You can now use this function to view either the text-based chord chart for guitarists and other musicians, or the lead sheet for the pianist.

When using Stage Monitor Mode or OnSong Connect you can set your profile to receive either the external file, or the chord chart as needed along with other transpositional adjustments.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on December 6, 2014