User Manual

Live Settings

There are a number of tools at your disposal for playing live. Instead of making only one way to perform these functions, OnSong provides options to customize your live performance. These options are divided into the following major categories:

Audio Playback

Provides options for changing the way backing tracks are played back.


Provides options to adjust how autoscroll is performed.

Chord Playback

Provides options for when and how chords are played back using the optional soundbanks or MIDI.

External Video

Use these settings to configure your setup if you are projecting lyrics, creating a virtual music stand or simply want to mirror your iPad screen.

Live Bar

The live bar provides large buttons that provide quick access to toggle common playback options. Toggle which buttons are displayed in the lower right corner.


The metronome lets you play to a click track or use it practice. Here you can set up how the metronome sounds, looks and acts.

Vocal Cues

Vocal cues can announce OnSong events using in-ear monitors. You can configure what is verbalized in these settings.

Sound Effects

OnSong can play back audio reinforcement to certain actions such as flipping pages or connecting an external video device. This is turned off by default.

Run In Background

When OnSong is closed, the screen is put to sleep or you switch to another app OnSong will be suspended as long as no backing tracks or metronome are currently playing. This ceases all app operations including networking (OnCue and OnSong Connect), MIDI, OnSong Console, Scenes and other features.

You can change this behavior to:

  • Never will shut down OnSong whenever you leave OnSong by returning to the home screen, switching apps or lock the screen. If audio is playing, it will be stopped immediately.
  • When Playing Audio is the default option and will run OnSong in the background as long as backing tracks or the metronome is running. This allows OnSong to play audio with other apps without interruption.
  • Always keeps OnSong running indefinitely in the background. Use this feature if you want OnSong to continue to send and receive MIDI events, change scenes, respond to OnCue or OnSong Connect events or allow OnSong Console to run. While this is efficient, it will consume battery life while turned on.
OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on November 17, 2022