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User Manual


Triggers perform actions when other events or actions occur. You can use triggers to perform multiple actions at once or when an action should occur.

The following triggers can be configured in this screen:

Audio Trigger

The audio trigger allows you to specify an action to perform when the audio is played from the live bar button.

Autoscroll Trigger

The autoscroll trigger allows you to choose an action to perform when autoscroll is started.

Forward Pedal Trigger

The forward pedal trigger performs an action the first time the Scroll Down foot pedal is pressed. This allows one foot pedal to have multiple uses. After the action is triggered, the pedal returns to its normal scroll down action.

Song Change Trigger

The song change trigger performs an action when a song is loaded into the song viewer. This allows an action to take place immediately without user intervention.

Stop Triggered Event

When other actions are triggered, they will continue to function until stopped separately. In the event that you want to stop the action when the trigger is stopped, turn this option on. For instance, if you've set an autoscroll trigger to start playing backing track audio, you can toggle autoscroll off to stop the backing track by enabling this switch.

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