User Manual

Menu Settings

Menu settings are used to configure how the menubar in OnSong works along with customization options for each of the items controlled by the menubar. This screen is divided into the following areas:

Change the menubar icon order and it's visibility.


Configure how songs are listed.


Rights and settings for sharing songs and sets.

External Video

Customize how content is displayed on external video devices.


Customize the functions of the playback menu.

Foot Pedals

Setup foot pedal actions to control your sets.

Song Editor

Change the default functionality and appearance of the song editor.


Configure the default appearance for new sticky notes, clips, and text annotations.

Style Preferences

Configure default font settings and styles.

Song Reporting

Change how songs are tracked and reported.

Use Bold Titles

By default, we use bold titles in menus. You can turn this off to view menus more aligned to current iOS/iPadOS design.

Use Drag and Drop Interface

On an iPad running iOS 11 or higher, OnSong implements native drag and drop functionality. This setting allows you to turn off that feature. Default is on.

Drag and drop is only available on iPads running iOS 11 or higher.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on May 2, 2023