User Manual


This screen allows you to configure OnSong to send commands to ProPresenter 7 for remote control.


Here is where you can type in the IP address and port that appears in the ProPresenter Network Preferences tab.


Once you've configured the network, you can connect to ProPresenter. This will check to make sure the ProPresenter API is available and working before it shows as connected with a disconnect button.


This is where you can determine how you would like to remote-control OnSong.

Focus presentation for selected song

This will focus ProPresenter on the presentation that represents the current song based on song title match. Songs must be imported into the ProPresenter library separately from OnSong.

Trigger lyrics for selected sections

When you tap on a section in OnSong, this option will trigger the lyrics slide on the focused presentation. This is done using lyric matching technology.

Create playlists for selected sets

This option will automatically create playlists in ProPresenter when you select a set to view in OnSong. The playlist will contain found presentations that match the songs in the set using exact song title match.

Send messages to stage displays

This option will show any messages you show in OnSong to also appear on any connected ProPresenter stage displays.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on March 18, 2023