User Manual


The drawing tool allows you to to use multiple tools to draw on top of your chord charts and sheet music. When you tap on a tool in the drawing bar, it becomes selected. If you tap again, the drawing tool icon toggles between normal drawing mode and ortho mode.

Normal Mode

In normal drawing mode, each tool icon appears without a straight line. In this mode, drawing shapes and curves are respected as if drawing freehand on a document.

Ortho Mode

When the drawing tool is selected, tapping on it again will place the tool into ortho or straight line mode. When enabled, a straight line appears under the tool in the icon. With this enabled, lines are drawn from the point where drawing began to the point where it ends in a straight path.

Ortho Threshold

When drawing in a straight line, it is often preferred that the line is perfectly level on the horizontal or vertical plane. Ortho mode will snap to this if the difference between the starting and ending points of the line are within a few pixels of each other. By default, this is 1.5 times the width of the brush. You can change the threshold by tapping and holding on any tool that supports ortho mode to access the Ortho Threshold Menu.

Note: Each tool remembers its last known mode and that mode is enabled by default when the tool is selected.

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