User Manual

Drag and Drop

iOS 11 has changed the way we interact with our iPads with drag and drop. You can now drag and drop items within and between apps using intuitive gestures. Drag and drop is integrated throughout OnSong so you can use it to:

Import Songs

You can drag files of supported formats into the OnSong songs menu to add them to your library. Drag them into Books to create a new book or simply into All Songs to add them to your library. You can even drag them into a Set.

Reordering Items

Wherever you can reorder items in a list in OnSong, you can use Drag and Drop instead. Just tap and hold and then drag your items to where you like.

Organizing Your Library

You can also use drag and drop to organize your library. Drag songs into a book or set to find a new way to manage your repertoire.

Exporting Files

You can then drag and drop songs, sets, books and even your library into other apps such as the iOS 11 Files app as a faster, more intuitive way to export your content.

You can disable Drag and Drop within OnSong in Settings » Menu Settings » Use Drag and Drop Interface.

Drag and Drop is only available on iOS 11 or higher running on an iPad.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on December 13, 2017