User Manual

Google Cast

Engaging your listeners is an important part of your musicianship. For houses of worship, this means having the ability to project lyrics for congregational singing. Most churches invest in separate computers, wiring and expensive software that requires a volunteer to operate. This means more time spent planning services and checking lyrics. But what if you can skip expensive software and hardware upgrades and display lyrics right from the stage inexpensively and wirelessly?

OnSong has a powerful lyrics projection feature with composite images and motion backgrounds. With the new scenes feature, you can even dynamically style lyrics projection and lighting for each song or section of a song. Simply connect your device to an HDTV or projector with a wired adapter, AppleTV, and now with Google Chromecast. So no matter where your projector or TV is located, you can run lyrics without any additional wiring.

Chromecast can only be used to project lyrics. It cannot be used to show chords and lyrics in stage monitor mode.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on November 3, 2022