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User Manual

AirTurn Digit II

The AirTurn Digit II (discontinued) is perfect for vocalists or speakers who want to push a button rather than press a foot pedal. It's compact size and five function buttons makes it incredibly flexible for scrolling songs, turning pages, triggering backing tracks or any other function in OnSong.

Choose Actions

Just tap on the buttons on the AirTurn Digit II on the screen or press the button on the device in your hand to choose an action in the Actions Menu.


The AirTurn Digit II is no longer available for sale. You may want to look into the AirTurn Digit III as an upgrade.


Tap on the Configure button to watch a video on how to connect your AirTurn Digit II to your iOS device so you can use it in OnSong.

Note: The AirTurn Digit II works with a number of apps on your device including control of iTunes and even Keynote presentations.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on April 8, 2019