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Release Notes

OnSong 1.965

OnSong 1.965 was released on April 28, 2013. It is an incremental update to improve performance and fix bugs.


  • Fixed a crash condition when importing songs found in the "Remote" tab in the "All Songs" list.
  • Fixed a crash condition caused by empty square brackets when Settings » Instrument Settings » Display Dual Chords is turned on.
  • Fixed a performance issue when using stage monitor when Settings » Display Settings » Remember Zoom/Position is turned enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll amount set in the foot pedal configuration menu was not being retained.
  • Fixed an issue where settings foot pedal actions in Settings » Foot Pedal Control would not use the correct actions.
  • Fixed an issue in the External Video menu where setting the Animation Speed to zero would not save those changes.
  • Fixed an issue in the metadata menu of the song editor where changing the books of the song would not be reflected in the song content.
  • Fixed an issue in the metadata menu where the width of the menu would not fully respect Settings » Song Navigation » Wide Songs Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the key of the song is not displayed in lists unless the song has been transposed.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the songs contained within a set would not be reflected on external displays while in stage monitor mode.
  • Fixed an issue where double spaces are being replaced by no spaces in lyrics projection mode.
  • Fixed an issue in which capoed chords would not modulate correctly when viewing in dual chord display mode.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing "Done" in the Settings screen was resetting the settings twice.


  • Enabled the volume indicator again to show current volume when adjusted.
  • Changed Settings » Instrument Settings » Display Dual Chords to allow capoed chords to appear either first or last.
  • Changed the external screen to display no margin when Settings » External Video » Stage Monitor » Paper Orientation is set to Landscape.