User Manual

Ortho Mode Menu

The threshold menu is used to define at what point a line will be made perfectly horizontal or vertical when using a tool in Ortho Mode.


By default, the threshold is set to be 1.5 times the size of the current brush size. For instance, if the highlighter pen is active with a size of 24 points, then the threshold would be set at 36 points. This means that a line can vary up to 36 pixels from start to finish and still be made perfectly horizontal or vertical. If the difference between those points is greater than 36 points, then the line would be diagonal.

If you have selected the pen and set the brush size to something like 3 points, the threshold would likely display as 8 pixels. The reason is that OnSong prevents thresholds of less than 8 pixels unless the threshold multiplier is set to less than 1.0.

The threshold is set for all tools as a multiplier. This means that if you change the threshold when using the pen tool, the threshold will change for the highlighter too. The value of the threshold will appear different in each based on the brush size.

Keep Ortho Mode Selected

By default, ortho mode is cancelled each time you leaving the drawing mode in OnSong to prevent confusion. If you wish to allow ortho mode to remain selected, toggle this switch on.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on December 6, 2017