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User Manual

Technical Support

OnSong provides email-based support for paid users of OnSong. So whether you have purchased OnSong in the past, purchased OnSong Pro, or are a member of OnSong Essentials or Premium, we can help assist you. To get help, just go into the Utilities Menu by tapping on the gear icon in the Menubar and then choose Communicate and then Get Support.

If you're already a subscriber, your name and email will be filled in and you can provide a brief subject overviewing the issue you have as well as a more in-depth description that describes how we can replicate the issue you are having. This screen will automatically backup your library including your settings, and send them to our help desk staff along with the currently selected song, set, and book. This will allow us to see the issue you are having and provide resolution as quickly as possible.

OnSong does not provide telephone support. We have found that telephone support does not provide us with the details we need to help resolve most issues and also does not allow us to send vital resources such as attachments, images, or video that can help resolve your issue.

If you are an OnSong Premium member, you can access the same support system but opt to enable the Fast Track option. This will move your request to the top of our list and notify our team directly of the issue. We work to ensure our loyalty users get the best service we can offer.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on January 3, 2021