Coming in December 2019

OnSong Premium

OnSong was started to help musicians be more effective on stage at an affordable price. Since our humble beginnings, the OnSong app has blossomed. The scope of the app continues to grow as we meet the demands that musicians make on performance-quality tools.

OnSong Premium is our first step towards making OnSong a more powerful app while changing our pricing model to ultimately make it more affordable and accessible to all musicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is OnSong Premium?
    OnSong Premium is a subscription that gives you access to premium features, support, and direct communication with the OnSong team.
  • What is included in my OnSong Premium subscription?
    OnSong Premium gives you access to advanced features of OnSong such as its powerful MIDI functionality, scenes for controlling stage lighting, and the ever-popular OnSong Console for managing your songs, sets, and books on a computer. You'll also be able to Fast Track all of your support requests. You'll also be invited to the OnSong Premium Facebook group where you'll get access to special content and direct access to OnSong staff starting in January 2020. Oh, and of course you'll get access to all our Upcoming Features.
  • When will OnSong Premium be available?
    OnSong Premium was launched on December 12, 2019 and will continue rollout through 2020. It is available as a manual update through the end of 2019.
  • How much does OnSong Premium cost?
    OnSong Premium starts at $4.99 USD per month or $47.99 USD/year paid annually.
  • Will there be other subscription plans in the future?
    We are offering OnSong Premium starting in December 2019 to our valued users at a discounted price. OnSong will be rolled out with OnSong Premium, Basic, and Free tiers over the next year, making it the perfect choice for every musician.
  • Will there be a free trial?
    Every new subscriber gets a one-month free trial of OnSong Premium.
  • Do I have to subscribe to OnSong Premium if I'm already an OnSong user?
    If you already own OnSong, you will automatically become an OnSong Pro user upon the release of OnSong Premium. This means that you'll have access to everything you currently use in OnSong, including any add-ons. You'll be able to use OnSong just as you always have, and you will never be forced to upgrade to OnSong Premium.
  • What does OnSong Pro mean?
    If you've already purchased OnSong, you're automatically enrolled into the OnSong Pro tier which gives you access to the features you've come to know and love.
  • What if I've already bought add-ons, do I lose them?
    Absolutely not! You will not lose any of the features you've come to know and love. In fact, if you had already purchased Console in the past, you'll automatically be upgraded to the next version where you can manage books and sets! This is our way of honoring you and saying thank you for being an OnSong user.
  • Do I need to upgrade to OnSong Premium to receive updates or enhancements?
    Unlike other software that require upgrade fees and downloading new versions, OnSong will continue to be updated as a single app. That means that you'll continue to receive updates and enhancements just as you always have.
  • I've already paid for OnSong. Why do I need to pay more for these features?
    OnSong is committed to investing time and energy into creating and releasing powerful new features to customers who need them. With your OnSong Premium subscription, you'll automatically get new premium features and services when they are released.
  • Will OnSong Premium be expanded to include more features?
    Definitely. We work hard to delight our users and OnSong Premium will let us do this more effectively. You'll continue receive premium features as they become available.
  • Does this mean that I'll never get any updates to my original OnSong unless I subscribe?
    Absolutely not! If you've already purchased OnSong, you'll get fixes and some new features like the upcoming rendering engine. If you've already purchased the Console add-on, you'll automatically receive future enhancements like managing books and sets. We look forward to keeping OnSong the best app for musicians.
  • What will be different in OnSong?
    OnSong will continue to work as it always has. One difference is that the Add-Ons option in the Utilities Menu has been replaced with Account. From here you can learn about your subscription tier, your user information, as well as to upgrade to OnSong Premium.
  • What happened to the Add-Ons screen?
    You can access your add-ons by opening the Utilities Menu and choosing the Account option. If you have not yet subscribed to OnSong Premium, you can access your add-ons for viewing and restoring past purchases, if required. Add-ons as in-app purchases are no longer available.
  • How do I sign up for OnSong Premium?
    You can find information about your account and your current subscription tier by opening the Utilities Menu and choosing the Account option. You can upgrade from this screen or when accessing OnSong Premium features that have not yet been purchased. Keep in mind that as an existing OnSong user, you'll be automatically placed in the OnSong Pro tier with access to all the features you've come to depend on.
  • Why do I need to create an OnSong account when signing up for OnSong Premium?
    Your OnSong account will give you access to your subscription tiers inside and outside of the OnSong app. If you're an OnSong Premium subscriber, you'll be able to access your features on other devices. We have big plans that start with giving you more with your subscription.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Since OnSong Premium is an in-app subscription, you can cancel your subscription through the App Store. We've added a Manage Your Subscription button on the Account screen to link you to the App Store where you can change or cancel your subscription.
  • Can I still use OnSong if I cancel my OnSong Premium subscription?
    If your OnSong Premium subscription is cancelled or lapses because of a billing issue, you'll still retain access to the features you had before you started your subscription.
  • How often will I be billed?
    You will be billed with your Apple ID monthly or annually depending on the subscription period that you choose when signing up for OnSong Premium. Pay upfront for the year with an annual subscription to save money and prevent any issues month-to-month.
  • What happens if there is an issue with my credit card?
    If Apple detects an issue with your credit card, you will be notified so you can correct the issue. Apple does attempt to bill your credit card a few days before to ensure that there will not be any billing issues in advance.

Upcoming Features

OnSong is committed to bring you features that you've asked for. Signing up for OnSong Premium helps us scale and bring you more value. While we are remaining mum on exact timelines, this is our 2020 todo list.

Here's what we have planned...

  • 2-Columns
    You've asked for it, and we are moving forward to delivering a new rendering engine with two-column support. This feature will be available to existing OnSong users in OnSong Pro and will not require an OnSong Premium subscription.
  • Advanced Formatting
    You've asked us for new ways to render chord charts and our new rendering engine will have the features you need, all while keeping things simple.
  • Clips
    Sticky notes are nice, but with clips you'll be able to paste notation and graphics on your page.
  • Cloud Collaboration
    Move your library to the cloud and manage things remotely.
  • Document Scanner
    Scan paper documents and turn them into PDF files, all within OnSong.
  • Live Mode
    This feature is almost too big to describe. Let's just call it a "unified" experience that will get the show going with a single tap.
  • Multi-Track Playback
    Load your multi-track stems into OnSong and playback while you customize your mix.
  • Songwriting Tools
    New tools in the song editor for recording ideas and transcribing your songs.
  • Team Scheduling
    Now that you have an account, you can form your team and coordinate schedules and set lists.