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User Manual


Using content in OnSong means that you've agreed to the terms and conditions for using licensed content. You can make adjustments to how that content is displayed and used here.

CCLI License

This is your church's CCLI license number that should be displayed on all lyrics projection and outputted songs.

Expire Shared Sets

When you export a song or set in OnSong using either the wireless sharing or an archive file, OnSong will enable that set to be imported by will expire it after a given amount of time. This ensures that content is not being permanently distributed. You can change the expiration duration. Options include 1 day to 1 month. You can also choose Never to allow the sets to be distributed permanently.

Note: choosing Never turns off the expiration of sets. Make sure you have the right to distribute the chord charts to those members of your team before enabling this option.

Loan Shared Songs

When turned on, songs that are sent via wireless sharing or archive files can be viewed, but will not be added to the recipient's OnSong library. This allows music to be loaned for viewing and not distributed. The default value is on. You can turn this off, but be certain that you have the right to distribute the potentially copyrighted works in the set.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on January 21, 2020