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User Manual

Document Scanner

The document scanner uses the built-in camera on your device to capture the contents of documents. Your camera is high resolution to capture the most detail possible, but this can result in large PDF files from the scanning interface. These settings allow you to shrink the size of scanned document.

Downsample To

Downsampling is the process of taking a high-resolution image and lowering the resolution while maintaining the size of the file. The scanning process can produce images that are higher than 400 DPI or dots per inch. Typically scan resolution of 200 DPI is fine for most uses.

Changing the target DPI will lower the resolution of the scan if needed to the specified DPI. Options include 100-400 DPI as well as an option to disable downsampling. The default settings is 200 DPI.

JPEG Compression

Your device stores photos in a file format that is mildly compressed, but is "lossless" in that the quality of the image stays constant. This results in very large PDF files. If JPEG compression is enabled, OnSong will convert the image to a JPEG image with the desired compression. This can result in artifacts if the compression is to great. You can choose between 50% and 100% compression levels, as well as turn off the conversion to JPEG using the "None" option. The default is 75% compression.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on February 1, 2020