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User Manual

AirTurn STOMP 6

Switch to the AirTurn STOMP 6 screen if you are using an AirTurn STOMP 6 foot pedal to assign actions for all six stomp-style footswitches.

The STOMP 6 features an all-metal enclosure that's designed to be mounted on a standard pedalboard. This gives you instant access to dozens of actions in OnSong that let you transpose on the fly, start backing tracks or send MIDI to other devices in your setup. The STOMP 6 lets you completely automate your performance.

Choose Actions

Tap on each of the foot switches in the screen or press the switches on the STOMP 6 to open the Actions Menu allowing you to pick from momentary actions.


Tap on the Buy button in the upper right corner to purchase the AirTurn STOMP 6.


Tap on the Configure button to learn more about using the STOMP 6 foot pedal by being directed towards a tutorial video or user manual.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on January 21, 2020