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User Manual

AirTurn QUAD

Switch to the AirTurn QUAD screen if you are using an AirTurn QUAD foot pedal.

Choose Actions

Tap on each of the foot pedals in the screen or press the pedals on the device to open the Actions Menu allowing you to pick from momentary actions.

If you have a newer AirTurn module, tap on the module in the middle to open the Handheld Menu to configuration actions for handheld functions.

Choose Pedal Mode

The AirTurn BT200 can operate in a number of modes. Use this method to choose the pedal based on it's current mode to configure. This allows you to configure multiple AirTurn BT200 devices from one screen.


Tap on the Buy button in the upper right corner to purchase the AirTurn QUAD.


Tap on the Configure button to learn more about using the AirTurn QUAD and how to turn on, pair, change modes and turn off the device.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on April 8, 2019