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User Manual

Action Menu

The menubar functions of the iPad version of the song editor are accessible in this menu:

Edit Metadata

The metadata editor gives you fields to complete in order to set the metadata content of the song.

Change Book

This menu lets you add the song to books without adding metadata.

Extract Text/Revert From Text

This button will either extract the text of the imported file and overwrite the contents of the text editor, or revert to the last known version of the song contents before extraction took place.

Use Extracted Text/Use Imported File

This option is used to toggle between displaying the imported file in the song viewer, or using the extracted text instead. This options is automatically toggled during the extraction process.

Rewrite Into Key

This menu allows you to rewrite the current song content into a different key for easier editing.

Text Tools

This button will open the text tools menu which gives you tools to perform on the text content of the song like search and replace, or changing the chord format of the text.


Tapping on the red delete option will delete the song. This will prompt you before deleting the song in case you accidentally tap on the button.


This button closes the action menu.

Extracting text and switching between the imported and text-based versions of the song are only available on songs containing imported files and whether that file contains extractable text.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on December 14, 2017